Month: January 2015


Whither Freedom of Expression

By Sudha Dixit I grew up hearing a saying ‘a pen is mightier than sword’. I believed in it too. But the element of terror which has permeated our world through religious fanatics is gaining ground through cultural zealots too. We have seen Satanic Verses, written  by Salman Rushdie being banned […]


Trees Uprooted

There was a time When man and wild  Lived together for quite a while The sun the moon the planets too Took care to nourish both and true The gradual years as they rolled by Tore the bond that grew and bound The two together soon tore apart When greed […]


The Flight

Out of Blue He flew Down, into my terrain, Not like bird, but Like an aero plane Promising to take me away Far, far, away Beyond distant horizon Towards heaven’s gateway. Swept me off my feet A rare exotic treat Sheer bliss I closed my eyes Still saw fluttering fireflies […]


Freedom to Offend

By The Editor The attack on Charlie Hebdo clearly showed us the price of freedom and sometime that price have to paid in blood. Charlie Hebdo had a history of pushing the envelop on freedom of speech but is that the reason to shoot someone in the cold blood, how […]


TCS Layoff: The Human Cost of Corporate Profits

By The Editor  I always use to wonder why IT employees in general are called “Resources”, not employees, not personnel but resources.  Only later when sacked from a project I realized why it was so, we are all expendables. Billing and revenue is all that matters in this industry and […]


जाने – जानाँ

मैं  मुब्तिला  हूँ  एक  खामोशियों  के  जंगल  में सिर्फ  दो  लफ़्ज़  तू  ही   बोल  ऐ  जाने – जानाँ  टूटती  हैं  रगें  दिल  की ,ज़रा  आवाज़  तो  दे मार  डाले   न   कहीं   ये   ग़मे – हिज्राँ   जानाँ तू  मेरे  पास  नहीं , होता  भी  तो  क्या  होता तूने  मुझको  कभी  अपना  […]