Month: October 2021


एक क्षणिका

दिल में फिर क्यों धुआँ सा उठता है जाने क्या चीज़ जल रही होगी ख्वाब भी चश्म-ए- नम को छोड़ चले हिज्र की रात ढल रही होगी ~*~ Why, again, smoke is wafting from my core No one knows what’s there burning today Even dreams have deserted my wet eyes […]



As I sat outside Somerset house I looked at a man about to get on the bus then I noticed he was going to Penge. I seem to have some strange attraction to Penge A little later I saw another bus for Penge All the people looked the same. They […]


My Precious Rainbow Umbrella

When first I set My eyes upon you Lying by my side Your cherubic face Your tender frame Drained my joyful eyes   For nine months I carried you With pain and agony Your teensy kicks When in my womb Strained my energy   But When you lay beside me […]


My Immortal Gown

The temple bells bears the guilt of the valid blood Men delicately spirit drown in the water of baptism The flowers and candlestick groans as gruesome fly We roam the grave as raven cawing the silent womb Dead these days happen as churning exercise As  flood victims are evacuated into […]



by Deepanshu Srivastava Diwali is the time for celebrations, enjoyment, and merry-making in the entire country. Kolkata is also no exception. In fact the Diwali – fever starts there right from Shardiya Navaratra when Goddess Durga is worshipped for nine continuous days but this Diwali of the year 1900 had […]



Look for me no more when I am gone as per ordain of yore   From green to yellow then to deep brown transformation in my body occurs sans caring for my frown slowly my grip loosens I am denuded from twigs and branches my faded contour caresses, kisses, and […]


An Experience of a Person

When someone experience bad days,  he treats it the same as dealing with good days. He never prays for greater abundance in his life, as someone says ‘Life is not the way it’s supposed to be’. When he faces a tough time, he chants God’s name and that has always helped him […]


At Times

At times it’s no good How does it feels? It’s bad, One feels sad.   At times it’s good! How does it feels? It’s glad; The moment one had.   Sometimes it’s Good or bad, It’s the moment, We had! Sad or glad!   At times, hard we try! At […]


The Adverse Effects of Hand Sanitizer

by Suhaas Bonkur Despite the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic has been significantly slowed down from its initial peaks of 1.723 million infections daily to 402,000 infections as of June 27, 2021 (JHU), the pandemic is still far from over. Since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, masks […]