Month: March 2019


My Microscopic Eyes

I have this uncanny talent I can read between the lines I feel your intense anger like explosive landmines You’re suave and chivalrous Controlling all your ire One wrong move on my part May start a raging fire Your pregnant silence says it all That everything is lost I look […]


‘I’ only Light and Fire the Earth and Poetry

‘I’ make Love on love and Rebellion on revolution. ‘I’ am the Supreme  – God of the Gods, the God Sunlight and ‘I’ncarnations, When it’s about Earth and Poetry. ‘I’ make eternal Love Only on Earth or Poetry. ‘I’ make eternal rebellion Only on the revolution of the Earth or Poetry. It is Promethean cosmic […]


The Island

A beautiful island it was Garbed in a deep blue flowy dress It appeared to be! Only four-five small cottages On some huge rocks stood Frilled with– Trees and bushes of varied shades of green Dotted with maroon leaved shrubs The amazing houses, trees, shrubs- All danced in the sea […]


Atman Manqué

Venerable monks like phantoms drift around the holy temple and its grounds aware of me in my totality telepathically though unjudgingly. I sense they realize that I am one of few in modern days who can descry their omniscient undirected gaze. Oh, trapped within the world of Maya and all […]


The Hunchback

By Shobha Diwakar Shivam lived all alone on a farm. His wife Shanti and two kids, Roop and Swaroop lived in a nearby town so the kids could get a good primary education, which was not possible in a back of beyond village. Roop was a five year – old […]


What If We Did Nothing

By Mark Antony Rossi  What is progress in a society that buries yesterday while holding endless candle vigils in search of remembrance. What do we learn from learned members of the community, if every utterance is a talking point crafted in a closed meeting. What do we hope for tomorrow if […]


Desire is a Liar

Desire is the fire, on which I want to spill water.  Because desire you see, is a big liar. Dazes us makes us blind, melts our heart. And the world seems so kind. Desire comes free, but God knows to release from it the fee.  It takes a lot of […]


4 Earth

My Queen, let us pick our ripen dreams ! Queen of the God Sunlight, Let’s pick our ripen dreams. Oh, darlings of nature, sizzling-aromas, Butterflies and bluest-stars Now, come to my Sunmind And perch on its branches. Frighten my solitude, my frustration. Tell and soothe ‘I’ with your sweetest tales. […]


The Holy Ganges

The tall waves of the Ganges Halt my frenzied breath As I stare at the vast expanse Of water…steady …cool…and stern. Rows of ‘pandas’ burn incense On its bank, light a fire , chant incantations. Heads shaved off, dressed in orange.  Rows of ‘rudraksh’ beads surrounding Their necks…a twisted bewitching […]