Month: February 2019


Drawing the Red Line

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Before I begin this article I’d like to write here that in my last editorial, I went a bit too far with my words. In criticizing the politicians of Kashmir and their puppets, I knowingly or unknowingly painted all Kashmiris with same brush which I […]


Revenge Time

Revenge time has come near, Now, it’s your turn to be in fear. Chance will be allotted to you to try any gear, But no one can stop me to watch your face in tear. Forgiving time is over, Even it was my mistake to start my process slower. Your mistakes […]



They kill and they fight, Not knowing what is right. They fell into the trap Of politicians And now, The whole place has turned into a crap. Do not they hear The cries of the innocent and their yell? Amidst the chaos- What once was heaven, is now hell. Why […]


Am I that Easy to Forget

Fragile web of my emotions Has en wrapped you so much my love You can’t disentangle yourself Even if you try very tough Love is celestial, you must know It is not easy to shun it Divine quality of love is Invincible, you can’t stun it You’ll recall my hugs […]


Crying Hearts

The wind shrieked The clouds thundered Lightning struck the sky It poured and poured Drenching the earth The gods cried out their souls Suddenly the wind seized. The sky grew dark and cloudy The pouring stopped a while As if to pay homage to the departed souls Covered in the […]



(मेरी अनमोल मॉं को समर्पित) कहते हैं मॉं को मोम अंग्रेज़ी में होती है मॉं बिलकुल मोम जैसी- ढाल लेती है खुदको  परिस्थिति के ढॉंचे में है सक्त स्वभाव की बाहर से लेकिन- पिघल जाती है- जलती हुई मोम बत्ति जैसी संकट जब आन पड़ता है परिवार (के किसी भी […]


Transhumanism: Thieves in the Temple

By Mark Antony Rossi I used to be one of those people that rolled their eyes when told the body was a sacred temple. I was young and after a few events that cheated death I thought spiritualizing how I used my body was a curtailment of Liberty. Plus I […]


Assumption: Eternity

Life’s an entangled duet, An unending Cosmic Yoga, A rosy lovely-well digging Promethean ART A big-bang wisdom, A divine Nirvana, An ache, a gain ( kids ) And an eternal Embrace. Of the Indian Goddess Earth And The God Sunlight From Alpha to Omega. In the end only one thing […]



Ancient Azathoth, who dreams the shape of secret things, his elaborations, created, while in sleep he lies. All magicians, mendicants, and emperors alike, dreamt. His mental ink lays out all reality, from midnight rituals to morning routines, timed and played out in his mind, but he’s not aware. Shhh, we must […]