Month: July 2018


Hide and Seek

Sailing on a full moon night she went In search of her beloved child In the grip of fear her thoughts wandered astray Through the silvery haze she peered calling out to her- The echo alone responded to her call Earnestly she prayed and pleaded with God— ‘Please let nothing […]



I carry the seasons in the palms of my hand as I rub them together and create the sweltering heat the summer carries in its belly I carry the monsoon in the braids of my tresses drenched in the drops of the water after the wash when I cleanse myself […]


Last Night When It Rained

By Shobha Diwakar It was pitch dark. The night lamp flickered awhile and then ‘passed out’ probably the power had, as usual, died and so (also) the inverter that had been struggling since evening to keep alive. A crash boomeranged, and thunder and lightning clapped down with a fearsome roar. […]



City is my favourite place It’s where I can observe people Leaving nobody to trace There arrives an Audi at the signal First to the notice of this curious little boy Watching through with a big mull He wears a tattered shirt With a few buttons here and there The […]


Like a Desperate Fool

Like a desperate fool I carried my desolate self from place to place in search for answers and for queries that were a blur engulfed in layers of misfortune haze And in the quest to atone for my ostensible life, I took my soul on a journey towards the dark, and before I could make any sense I was caught in […]


Lipika and the City

Oft in her moments of tenderness When Lipika would think of newer dress And all the adornments that she could think of A pair of jeans, a salwar suit, a cotton saree, lip gloss, She would think how in her all those years The city had grown through happiness and […]


False Gods

By Mark Antony Rossi False Gods. They beckon broken promises. Our modern lives are littered with their presence. Marketing mavens manipulate human insecurities and promote the false gods of toothpaste, makeup and medicine. They loudly proclaim will mitigate the menace of reality. They don’t. The history of Man is one […]


मै बिखर बिखर जाता हूँ

तुम सिमट जाओ , मै बिखर बिखर जाता हूँ| तुम संवर जाओ, मैं मिट मिट जाता हूँ || तुम उजाले मे रहो , मैं अंधेरो मे गुम हो जाता हूँ | तुम मगरूर रकीब हो जाओं , मैं मजबूर हबीब हो जाता हूँ || तुम नजरें रोशन रहो , मैं […]


The Mentor

I can’t live with myself alone anymore There’s no one to give me company here I need an escape, I wish to  be  lost Take me beyond the moon dear I may  wander  like a nimbus cloud I’d  like to shine  resembling  stars Let raindrops  hide my tears, besides Washing […]