Month: November 2021



The flowers that I bought for you, That was your favourite once. Now lying at your doorstep. Daffodils and Rhododendron. Waiting to be touched, Waiting to adorn the earthen vase. Once that I gifted you on your birthday, Once that was precious to you. Now lying at a corner on […]


Desire to Embrace the Nature

Every morning, as I open my eyes I wish to see the beautiful sunrise Its rays passing through the clean air Cleansing every being’s pain and despair   I wish to hear the sound of chirping birds Singing soothing melody song in large herds Without having little fear of falling […]


Remembering the Works of Baba Saheb Purandare

by Deepanshu Srivastava While going through a graduation course in ‘History Of Maharashtra’, I found a passing reference to historian Baba Saheb Purandare. Later I got an opportunity to watch the stage play – ” Janataraja ” written and conceptualized by Babasaheb in a Pune’s open theatre. The show was […]


Why I Write

For some writing can be passion, For others, writing can be fashion, While for others writing a profession, But I write for giving a lesson!   Some do write for noble cause, Others to regulate laws, While others for common exchange, But I do write for change!   Some write […]


Think Before Belittling A Woman?

by Anuradha S. Bannore Dilaas & Poonam lived in Vadgaon. He was an engineer who worked with full devotion and dedication. No one could raise a finger where his work was concerned except for those who were jealous of him & who believed in climbing the ladder of success on […]


The Market of Positivity…

Let’s trade kindness from east to west, With love floating on every silvery cloud, Making humanity our choice of rarest, Resonating positivity in our hearts so aloud.   Smile with thy friends and strangers too, Thy smile be an ointment for wounded beings,  With your love let the earth be […]


Vultures in the Frame

by Anantinee Mishra PC: Kevin Carter; Source:   Sometimes, as I look at the vividly gripping photograph, my perplexity blends into desolation; inching from familiar sympathy to uncharted anguish. When Kevin Carter captured the Pulitzer-winning imagery of a child and a vulture under the cruel sun of Sudan; did […]



Stimulating and cool, Love is a tasty summer plum that nurtures the soul. ~Kuma Raj Subedi  Adelaide,  Australia



I  know  I’ve  lost  you But  losing  you To  this  extent, That  was  devastating   I  felt  you  were  leaving But  going So  far  away, That  was heart–rending   I sensed  you  have  changed, But  so  drastically, That’s  beyond  rational  thinking   I  liked  you  with  my  eyes Loved  you  […]


Life Be Like…

Be the Sun that never fails to shine in the darkness engulfed by blanket of clouds. Without you, the world appears gloomy as if all the joys are robbed of a man. Be the moon that brings night’s glory; the night, drowned in esctasy under the glorious moon. The dancing […]