Month: April 2022



Windowlight gleaming brightwhere’s my love…here tonightstayed awake till the dawnwhy not…she is gonewho needs the shining moonall I have’s this little tunewalking home the way I gosaw an orange peel in the snowit reminded me of her warmththat used to keep me safe from harmwindowlight to replacethe loveliness of her […]


Plan Your Daily Work

It is better to spend a few minutes in the evening planning for your next day. If you are mindful and balanced, you will certainly get to spend time. To carry out your daily work, you need to be a very disciplined person. However, a person needs to be disciplined […]


The Earth Day

by Rajesh Sharma ‘Lalit’ Science is not making us convenient, It is taking us away from our lifestyle to be dependent upon it. So that we become used to it and become a slave to it. It’s giving us more harm than an advantage. It is making us lazy. Physical […]


My Mother Says

After giving you birth Bearing lots of troubles and pains In suns and rains Dear baby! I fed you And made you strong enough to survive in the living world I also led you And laid on the lap- The motherly bed Then I gave you a tongue to communicate […]


It Wasn’t A Love…

In the mist of confusion,chiliad of feelings jumbled,Creating a perfect illusion,I drew myself to you.Beautifully crafted in my heart,Twirl to the rhythm of my love,Spilling the beads in the process,You drank my soul to the fullest.Slamming the episode of our insanity,Pulling myself more into me,I decided to set you free,For […]


Top Three Essential Survival Skills for Students

by Fortuna Seva. Casiller School time is usually a dreaded time for students especially when coming from a break or vacation. They seem to focus on the number of lessons they need to learn, the number of projects they will need to finish and the much homework they’ll need to […]


The Quest

Caught up In my wander lust without   baggage, Minus friends, Set out on a journey Through  A   dense forest Only belongings that  My mind carries, Are fistful of memories Filled in my  Treasure chest An impulsive and Impromptu jaunt Towards a port of call Unknown All desires, all ideas Forgone Except one […]



Sucsess is not luckBut fruition of one’s hard work.It isn’t easy to achieve everything we dream;But it is possible to achieve what we dream.The biggest hurdle to success is a fear of failure,That every man and woman dread to face.There isn’t a single success without failure;In every grain of success, […]


The Relationship

by Deepanshu Srivastava Amit Deshmukh and Girija Shinde were schoolmates in a public school in Colaba, Mumbai during the year 2010. When they grew up Girija took up the job of an executive in an ad agency in Colaba while Amit topped the MBA course at Mumbai University and was […]