Not So Close Encounter with Death

Two thousand twenty passed away

As eerily menacing phase,

Confined us inside home,

No work-place, no holidays.


Similar to walking on coals,

That are, still, half ablaze

Like the solitary prisoners

All people appeared in a daze.


A sense of insecurity

Was instilled in everyone,

Fun- get- together and meetings

Were completely undone


Pandemic was scary, yet

Humans were irresponsible,

Although some took precaution

Some daredevils were impossible.


Safety was inter-dependant

We had to learn this lesson

No one can be an island  

In the universal ocean


A fear factor was there

Throughout past year 

Dancing with death full time

Life was out of gear


Still not out of danger

Still curtain is not down

The show is continuing with

The death wearing a crown


 ~Dr. Sudha Dixit

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