A poem, Am I?

A poem, I am

I reside in thy thoughts

A culminated art, I am

Born from the very chaos of thy mind

An electric form, I am

With emotions dying to be inked

A silent scream, I am

Echoing within the ramparts of thy castle

A question, I am

With no answers certain

A desire, I am

For what’s inhibiting to be set free

A token of love, I was

For thy barbarism indurated my humanity

A poem, I once was

Am now a loud scream

Pleading to be released

For the nostalgia of suppression

Is now growing inside of me.

~Shravani Das 


One Comment

  1. A self styled story that intends to speak the love,anxiety ,pretension and barbarism that seen in the fast detoriating society to day .A very beautiful yet philosophical poetic version of everyone’s thought .