Month: July 2021


The Pegasus Saga

by the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal All countries spy on their citizens but all countries do not get caught spying on their citizens. Pegasus is one such scenario where the Indian government is being accused of snooping on opposition figures, journalists, a Supreme Court judge, and other figures who don’t always […]


Upstate Girl

by Terence Wynne Harry thought he would quietly slip out of the house for a pint or two at Yellowhook, the pub down the block. Unemployment checks were about to run out. Neither he nor his wife and daughter had any insurance. Tough days in Brooklyn. Patrick O’Hara was standing […]


Sarabhai Sense

by Nourin N K Being a cult figure in Gyaan Nagar, Sarabhai never got a chance to miss any of those big fat weddings in her locality. And when it comes to minimal programs, her impartial criticism always helped them to rectify their gloomy arrangements and make them more glossy […]


Life In the Darkness

Living a life, alone in the darkness, going through the hardships of life in starkness; shedding oceans of tears, silently enduring the pain beyond what I could bear. I have lived every sphere of life, I tasted every bitterness that it offered. Thus, I have erased the fear of living […]


The Game of Life

The game starts in a dim room, with people bustling all around, With the opening credits being happy and tired sounds, And the strong cries that emanate from the new additions, Make them sound worthy of their lifelong mission.   The first few years go by with little to no […]



I see you where a cloud glows I walk, I run and finally fly I scale the whole endless sky, But in vain I chase the shadows   Blisters on my feet grow In the arid expanse of this desert Sans cool breeze where I’ve come For  searching  verdant  meadows […]



by Swati Moheet Agrawal When I am alone I ache to be with people, and when I am with people I want to be alone. Gazing at the sea makes me miss people; when I’m surrounded by people I miss the sea. Yesterday my cousins Tina and Tavia were over; […]



by Swarnasankha Acharjee The story might not have started if our family hadn’t decided to move to the capital. Initially, we lived in a village, some 12 Km away from the capital. I got admitted to a convent missionary school in the capital. That is where I met Shweta. Of […]



We start from a little, and this little becomes bigger and better and more accomplished. Everything in life starts from a scratch. A single word of resentment or hurt flung at someone affects our karma and if not checked and is repeated, then we become gradually a negative person with […]