Month: October 2018


The Problem With CBI

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal The public unfolding of one of the most feared and respected institutions of Indian government, the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) has brought to light the problems the public didn’t know existed. These problems at CBI pose some very serious questions about the agency’s credibility. […]


Does God Answer a Cell Phone?

By Mark Antony Rossi We have all had one of those weeks when you honestly wonder if God is watching. If you are asking for something earnestly (through prayer) we question if He or She is listening. God, can you pick up your cell phone? That’s usually my modern approach. […]



Alone she lived in a cozy apartment Ups and downs in life her regular visitors were (A bit more punctual than in anyone else’s life) Some on a short visit while others stayed quite long! To live with them she had learned as we all do Till the ‘downs’ overpowered […]



You  expressed  your  love For  me  by  bringing  the  flower I  reciprocated  that  through My  eyes, accepting  the  offer We  became  the  co – traveler Of  journey  of  the  life Shared  all  serendipity And  the  normal  strife Then, suddenly, you  lost  your  voice And  the  will  to  communicate I  tried  […]



Respect is the Desire of everybody’s mind, But is only given to people who are kind. Respect is given to those who deserve it, And is not given to those who are unfit for it. Respect is like a fuel of life, Without which a man cannot work rife. Respect […]


For Promethean Rebellion

I Gods don’t evolve. Gods do incarnate Like ‘I’, The God Sunlight ! Earth, my beloved wife, Don’t evolve. Earth revolves around ‘I’, II There is no Time. Time holds nothing. Everything already sowed in mind. In your mind of pandemonium or paradise. Everything depends upon existence. Evolved monkeycraps’ Existence […]



By Anuradha S. Bannore Ananya was married much against her will while she was still studying. Her in- laws belonged to South India. She could neither speak nor understand their language which was very exasperating for her. She wondered how she would survive in such a family though luckily for […]


Me Too

By Sudha Dixit The avalanche of “me too” movement has flabbergasted our society. All the dirt that was supposed to be swept  under the carpet of “honour” is being thrown out in the open. Men, specially, are crying hoarse in indignation and denying the charges. Obviously they will deny, it’s […]