Month: December 2021


My Favourite Festival

Diwali is a festival honouring Mother Lakshmi-the goddess of wealth.   It is the ‘festival of light’. We burst crackers with our friends and light diyas at our home.   With a flicker of lamps and aromas of incense, our homes are transformed into spectacles of joy.   It is […]



He lived with the big dream to give A comfortable place for his family to live Everlasting joy in the face of wife and children Envisioned to make his home a heavenly garden.   He was alone earning family’s perks He was skilled and dedicated to his work To give […]


My Will

My soles are cracked and reddened, muscles are torn and tired, Yet, my destination is too far from near, But still, I keep walking with a goal in mind. The roads are rough and bumpy, frustrating my tired and aching soles, bringing more pains to my worn-out muscles, And yet, […]


Untrodden Journey…

In every rhythmic swing of the hanging bridge, Thy voice echoed in the gentle breeze, On every wave of the dancing marine, I saw thy love oscillating freely.   I watched the river swiftly flowing below my feet, With a bundle of joy caressing me in every greet, I mirrored […]


करने पर आए इंसान

करने पर आए इंसान तो क्या कुछ नहीं कर सकता जंग भी छेड़ सकता है और जंग भी जीत सकता है.   जब क्रूरता हद से ज्यादा बढ़ जाए शब्द दर्द सब कम पड़ जाए कैसे ज़ज्बात होते होंगे इंसान जब इंसान का बैरी बन जाए.   क्यूँ अपनी ताक़त […]


Dim, Dim, Swallow

You woke up in, middle of the night of psychedelic He got some words to justify your autotelic. Sometimes it’s like someone took a knife You don’t wanna see yourself as your strife. He threw a knife through the middle of your skull, Timber, o mine, they got their safety […]


House of Bricks

by Rrashima Swaarup Verma  He turned around and glanced at the house. A red, two-story, brick structure, he could see it clearly from his vantage point on this particular bench. His mother always said that the earthy tone of the colour gave a warm look, particularly on cold, winter evenings […]


The Friday Night Attack

by S. Chandra  Shekar  “Hi Gautam, how are you? I have just finished work and am on my way to the Metro station. I should be home in half an hour and we’ll go out for dinner as soon as I have freshened up” said Usha as she packed her […]


Paradise of Patriarchy

by Dr. Shweta Kansal  We all have heard of that timeless saga where a charming prince riding aggressively on his horse, wearing his shining armor, fighting all the opponents with a sword to save his beautiful princess incarcerated in the castle But what if our prince is not charming, he […]



Rape is a four-letter word For politicians, it’s a topic to debate For media, it’s game to garner TRP For us, it’s a fear for the so-called civilized society.   From negligence of millions seeking protection To innumerable cases never reported Our nations that are a republic Are transitioning into […]