Month: January 2021


Little Things

Did he notice the evening primroses? No. Did he notice the first evening star? No. Did he even notice his own daughter’s beauty or whether there was brownie on his plate or blancmange?   Everyday little things were inconsequential to him; he was blind to many of the ordinary pleasures […]


Naari Bachao, Naari Dabao!

by Saumya Singh The new Love Jihad legislation has once again given rise to a series of hot debates in India, revolving around growing anti-secularist sentiments in a secular country. The legislation aims at curbing allegedly forced conversions of Hindu women into Islam, through fraudulent ways by Muslim men. However, […]


A Friend!

Teenage hormones more often than not Puts a person into trouble Puts into a situation when he needs His family and friends the most! Ravi was once trapped into such And he couldn’t understand much He had a conversation with someone And it was over the internet and gossips begun! […]


The Stalker

His gaze following me everywhere Is disturbing, Keeps calling me consistently It’s irritating, Asking questions, Keeping tabs Tracking my movements, Peeping into my diaries That is suffocating This is not love This is an effort To possess me or own me But, I am unattainable, I need my space, so […]


Back Off You Impostors!

Lost in thoughts she walked Dreading who next would jump on her With his/her weird advice On what to say/do Unwanted interference was at its peak She wondered, ‘Am I so dumb that I need others to tell me how .. I should lead my lonely life. Is it not […]


Flamboyance-“Forum of Fantasies”

Soothing for eyes!!!! So loving to hear!!!! Apt for flamingos!!!! “Group of flamingos” called so!!!!!   “Flamboyance of Flamingos” Countless beauties…. Moving only is like dancing…. Adorned with pinkish feathers… Beauty at its supreme!!!! Difficult to make a blink….. Always nearby waters….. Lined with flower carpet….. Full of colours… Wafting […]


My Land

Ours is a land known for its strength and diversity With a unique feature in every city We hold our nation’s pride For the fearless leaders that served and died These fearless leaders steered our nation To unity and freedom with perfection For this beautiful land of spirituality people went […]



‘I’ am the Sun and conquering Light and Fire From The Alpha Yeah to the Omega ‘I’ never ever evolve. ‘I’ Only ‘I’ncarnate My wife is the soulful Earth only. ‘I’ am ‘I’ ‘I’ Am The only God Yeah ‘I’ only yeah ‘I’ncarnate What are the contributions of mortals ? […]


The City of Nawabs

Lucknow is known for its old history, heritage, and architectures. While travelling I had a chance to visit Imambaras and Bhool Bhulaiya. I was happy to see old buildings, hospital, barrack, but now almost all are in ruins. Lucknow city’s most famous products have an intricate kind of embroidery. Besides […]