Month: April 2016


A Summer Evening

One summer evening a man sitting on the green Gazed at the flowing waters of a river below Flanked by lush trees With arms interlocked they stood tall An avenue in the wilderness it was- Framing the far off green velveteen mountains Down its height gushed milky water Lost in […]



It seems the earth is cracking up Taps, rivers, rivulets, springs, wells Are squeezed dry Selfishly man drowns his own hopes and aspirations As he rents the earth’s entrails To earn and prosper Material wealth has knotted his pride He can ruin the hopes of others Who ramble up and […]


Mindfields of Tomorrow

By Mark Antony Rossi Maniacal mass-murdering utopians Adolph Hitler and Josef Stalin had an institutional fondness for burning books and doctoring photographs. The recent ethnic killing fields of Cambodia, Bosnia and Rwanda began their brief bloody reigns in the exact same manner seeking to rewrite or erase history. And why? […]


नहीं दिखता

एक  बादल  घना  मँडरा  रहा  है  इर्द  गिर्द धूप  आने  का  कोई  रास्ता  नहीं  दिखता मेरी   अफ़सुर्दगी  पे   ऐतराज़   है   उसको पर  मेरा  ज़र्फ़, मेरा  हौसला  नहीं  दिखता एक   आभास    है,  डर   है, कोई   अंदेशा  है साया  है, अक्स  है, चेहरा  मगर  नहीं  दिखता कितने  इलज़ाम, कितनी  तोहमतें  अता  की […]


Your Money In their Pocket

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Vijay Mallya may be the first thief in Indian history who not only robbed the bank but also dared the law publicly, on twitter of course. He buys pent houses, expensive flats and properties all over the world with whose money, your money, my money […]


The Price of Antibiotic Abuse

By Mark Antony Rossi Antibiotics, once the miracle drugs of the modern age, are fast becoming a feeble formula against superbugs increasingly immune due to universal abuse. This abuse once blamed on frightened doctors overprescribing to protect their assets must now unfortunately include a tide wave of manufactured antibiotic mixtures […]


दरवाज़ा मुक़फ्फल कर लिया

अब  तुम्हे  ख्वाबों  में  आने  की  इजाज़त  भी  नहीं  है मोम  सा  मन  हमने  अब  पत्थर  सरीका   कर  लिया दफ़्न   कर   डालीं   सभी   यादें   किताबों   के   तले हमने   तुमको   भूलने   का   यह  तरीका  कर   लिया कोई  पूछे  किस  तरह  काटे  शब-ओ-दिन  हिज्र  में बंद   हमने  दिल  की  खिड़की  और  दरीचा  […]



Memories of yesteryears swim before my eyes I rest against the swimming tide of life The reverberating sounds of homely tunes Send me back to tide the gloom Bridging the gulf of rolling years The river of life slides back and forth Upheavals of the past crash and crumble Against […]


हमारा देश

मेरे देश के वासियों याद रखो ये देश ही हमारी माता है! अपमान इनका करके जाऐंगे आप कहॉ? लौटकर तो आना है ऑंचल मे ही इनके आपको जाकर परदेश भूल जाते हो इस मॉं को किया नही क्या-क्या जिन्होने आप के लिए पड़ते हो संकट मे जब आती है याद […]