Month: June 2015


The Monsoon

It seems it has finally broken its silence The tearful hot season has come to its end The desperate farmers look up to heaven To thank the Almighty for His care Last evening it was dull and dreary The sticky sweat trailing down my back The tired animals, birds and […]


कुछ यूँ हुआ

ऑंखें  ना सरे आम कहीं भीगने लगें वो दर्द का  बादल मेरे भीतर सिमट गया चुप थी ज़ुबान, बोल उठीं दिल की धड़कने उसका ख़याल जब मेरे दिल से लिपट गया कुछ फ़र्क़ नहीं अब, कि वो आये या ना आये रुत बीत गयी, प्यार का मौसम बदल गया खुशबू  […]



The music floated into the air It caught my ears while I was unaware The soft notes of the music played A resting calm upon my mind The lingering notes echoed frail and tender The longing to escape with deep surrender The rippling cooling tidal waves Tumbled together embracing the […]


मेरी कहानी

अब ये ज़मीं नहीं, ना मेरा आसमां  ही है लगता  नहीं है  कोई मेरा हमनवां भी है बादल उफ़क़ पे छा गए या शाम हो गयी सूरज का नहीं दूर तक नाम-ओ- निशां भी है कितने मुक़ाम रास्ते में आये, खो गए बस आख़िरी पड़ाव तेरा आस्तां ही है तुमने […]



She lay heaped  As though a bundle of Tattered rags in a corner, stacked To be chucked aside…  Derailed from life’s torturous clasp Shattered…. A human body left to rot With cancerous cells Cut off and bound… to be saved? But the lifeless body susicates On borrowed fumes of oxygen […]



चेहरे पे मेरे लिख गए कितनी  कहानियाँ क़दमों  के  निशां वक़्त ने  छोड़े  हैं  तरह बादल भी बरसता है तो भीतर मेरे दिल पर आँखों से एक बूँद भी छलकाऊँ किस तरह पलकों में  फिर समेट लिया हमने  समंदर कुछ लोग बिन आँसू के भी रोते हैं इस तरह मुरझा […]


North East Operations: India’s Revenge and Burmese Angle

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal The recent armed forces operations in the North East near the Indo-Burma border or to be specific inside Myanmar’s territory were not only unprecedented but would also have far reaching reverberations from diplomatic and strategic point of view. Militants got a clear message that challenging […]



They live amongst us as good citizens Respected by all who hail in society They labor, they work, they toil they moil? Don’t worry they never smile. Beneath their dry skin rests a spy Waiting to molest a child Their cherry face, their twinkling eyes Arrests the attention of a […]