Month: May 2014


तुमने तो बस दोस्त भी बनना गवारा न किया

तुमने तो बस दोस्त भी बनना गवारा न किया हम तुम्हें दर्जा ख़ुदा का देते देते रह गए| रेत की दीवार से टिक कर खड़े थे आज तक हम  वही रिश्ते ,वही जज़्बे निभाते रह गए हम मोहब्बत में भी खुद्दारी नहीं भूले कभी इसलिए तो हाले  दिल भी कहते […]

Week's Person

Dialing The Right Numbers at BSNL

By Siddharth Sehgal Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is one of the leading telecom companies in India and perhaps one of the most dynamic and robust one considering the competition it gives to its counterparts in the private sector. But beings a competitive player does not mean that its best for […]


Before and After the Vote

A cinema star, before attending a function, Presenting himself or herself on the stage. For a show of any kind or range, Goes to a beauty parlour to gain a look attractive Or for a facial the beautician is called to his/her hive; Through the body’s gate he or she […]


The Lady at the Opera

There is no song, no music, no opera… A lady sings at the corner of the street. Holding a stick and sometimes a drum. No chimes, no violin, no lyrics Just the beating drums. If at all she sings, There is no one to huddle around. None to hear her […]


Hibiscus Dead

A red hibiscus Flattened under your heel Its velvety crimson stigma crushed Its powdery yellow anthers smudged against the tarmac its slender style broken like a frail tendril. Four petals bleed on the road Until antiseptic sun rays deal with the damp patches. And there is nothing left, just a […]


The Elections

The tension is over, the voters relaxed. The counting reveals the attack. Grave and bitter, the tables turn. As all do wonder how they’ve twirled! Spinners and bouncers of the cricket pitch, have finally diced the ten year itch. Thumping, kicking, hurling abuse, tearing apart the sleeping muse. To top […]


Making History, The Indian Way

 By the Editor So, the elections are over. India has a new prime minister, a new government with clear mandate and a new completely decimated opposition. But even in this shocking of a result, it leaves one wondering how come the Congress, SP, BSP, DMK, JD (U) and most vociferous […]


Goldy lock of Cosmozeny

Goldy lock of Cosmozeny Illuminating Truth of Absolute Silence. Blooming to pour on immortal life, Searching soul of never ending Space Tuned silence, moves into Form and Self. Meditating mountain with the Eternal-breath, Eager to pulse with Love and Time. Moving waves of Divine infinity, worth Message from the peak […]