O! My Lost Love I’m Dying

O my love:

Shahid Is waiting for you in my life

Calling you from the broken heart

It has been a long time, departed from eachother,

How long I, endure your separation,

Won’t you come,

As I wait you in my life

With hopeless and irreparable,

Like a wingless bird.


As tears rolled down my face,

As your memories went wild inside my heart

I, not gazing your face, lost my comfort.

I’ve forgotten your face,

and lost ataraxia.

I am waiting for you, only for you, my love:

With pain buried in my heart,

And the ocean of tears still in my eyes,


The people are to separate us anyhow,

That is why I lost you,

Now without you there is no one, with whom I will fall in love,

I will never distance myself from you.


Come my love, my lost love:

Sit here, beside me

And behold the dancing breeze,

I am here waiting for you


The car awaits for us,

for a long time,

You come: we will sit in this car,

I will drive it,

and take you to my homeland.


Where, like birds we will build our nest,

Our love will make it a happy dwelling,

Where everywhere will flow the fountains of our love

And our life will bloom again,

O my lost love, come, please come back.


~Shahid ul Islam

Kashmir, India 

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