Month: March 2023



I took a walk inside the park and closed my eyes to take deep breath It was peaceful and serene environment as if nature was inning me As there was no pollution so no need to fight for illnesses on the park Our Earth is beautiful from the sky, we […]


The God of Death

by Sonali Ganguly 1 When he got up, he coughed loudly as the room filled with smoke. He sensed it to be the same as the one coming from the puja offerings during the evening hours. Mom circulates the burnt coconut shells in the house, mixed with some scented powder, that creates […]


Sweet Home

Listen folks! I have stories to tell,From faraway land to my sweet homeland.The Sun is still the same but the warmth of the day is different,I can see and feel the same moon but the beauty of night has altered.                      […]


ये “मैं” हूं…

मुस्कान बेवजह तेरे होठों पे चली आए, तो समझ लेना कि ये मैं हूं, गुलाल उड़ उड़ के तेरे गालों पे बिखर जाए तो समझ लेना कि ये मैं हूं…. तल्खियों भरी शाम में, लब तेरे अचानक , कोई प्रेम तराना गुनगुनाए, तो समझ लेना कि ये मैं हूं…. यादें […]


A Trip Towards Innovations in Engineering Materials

by B.H.S. Thimmappa The Pathways in a New Era of Modern Materials   Materials have transformed every aspect of modern living. Engineering materials are used in the construction of artificial structures and components depending on their physical (conductivity, density, melting point, specific heat, thermal expansion, viscosity), chemical (corrosion, flammability, toxicity, stability, reactivity), […]


One Size Does Not Fit All

by Gaurav Goswami The soothing fragrance of the wet soil, caused by the overnight rain waffling through the open corridor, greeted Alankar, a forty-year-old man, on his arrival from the bedroom. The pleasant weather brought a serene smile to his face, but one look at the overflowing lush wheat fields […]