Month: April 2014


Women Security, A Priority

By Editor There was one case study example covered in a book on body language where a female executive was asked to go abroad on a company assignment. She was all excited for the task until she was told where she was going, India. She didn’t spoke anything but her clearly […]


Politicization of the Indian Bureaucracy

By Prabhakar Kulkarni The British introduced the system of bureaucracy in our country, which continued in similar spirit and words after Independence. Rulers whether the Congress, alliance or opposition parties have not seriously considered the specific socio-political conditions in our country which needs a system more in public interest than […]


The Earth

Unfold like an epic of agony and achievements, the earth is where we stand when we descend. No place for dirty delight nor of perpetual pain, the earth is where we learn dignity out of despair.                                                    ~Bipin Patsani                                                                       Khurda, Orissa, India



Can anything be More attractive Than attraction ? Can anything be Lovelier than the Lovely emotion ? Can anything be More curious than The tough question ? Can anything be More passionate than The poetic passion ? Can anything be More precious than Self satisfaction ???                                                               By Dr. Monima […]