Environmental Emergency

It is the love at first wild forest sight for almost all inspired by the nature poetry

Nurture a sense of pride, patriotism, respecting the environment in the family tree

Activate a brave face as we move against gravity, standing up for a good coach

Fight without fear through progressive green messages as an inclusive approach


Many wild birds and butterflies behave far better than several human beings

Strive to become a better, higher animal while climbing up a hilly path feeling

Behave like animals in some sense as degrading human qualities contribute less

Always make a more meaningful contribution that has far-reaching consequences


A coherent strategic vision to create favorable conditions to flourish and prosper

Achieving greater synergy in action planning and operations by proper gesture

Move away from the manipulation, deceit, and greed in the wide world habitat

Leave behind the fear, uncertainty, and doubt to develop an exact conscience hat


Create a landscape of love around creatures to promote micro-flora and fauna

Conservation of water, air, and natural resources is beneficial to the soil arena

Close the ‘wild’ nature in the city via an optimistic and nature-lover outlook on life

Come out of the cocoon to engage with public instruments of the state on wildlife


Cheer good green initiatives that help forge a more progressive ecological order

Corporates can play a meaningful role in a much-needed solution of green cover

Cultivating artificial forests to combat climate change could make a big difference

Create a record of green development works and eco-welfare scheme maintenance


Develop a public common sense and identify causes behind massive progress noises

Provide the positive perspective of putting roses among thorns, not thorns on the roses

The execution issue in all dimensions is both a challenge and an opportunity for dualism

Set new examples of accelerated and sustainable development projects intellectualism


Realize the importance of creating real-world hospitable and habitable landscapes sole

Presenting a distorted picture of the ground reality must be like a speech without a soul

For healthier living harness natural resources responsibly on the only planet we call home

That the well-being of all to make reality a bit more bearable to the next generation sown


There was lots of positive action in the human world during the pandemic scream

Let us build a strong nation where care, kindness, and compassion are mainstream

Sweet fruits spring from holistic biodiversity growth within a short time frame

Present a futuristic view to foster a flavor of intimate bonding relationship claim


A strong focus to ensure green initiatives are implemented and managed effectively

Let us live up to the spirit of togetherness in green and clean development selectively

Commitment to promoting renewable energy on a large scale on a priority basis affects

Civil society’s second thoughts on the present situation can send the right signal specs


Sensitizing people about early warning signs of the climate change consequences

Conserving natural ecosystems on the planet is the proper step toward confidence

Make every effort in multipolar green initiatives at local, national, and global levels

An environmental emergency based on reality and not on scientific fiction superficial


~B.H.S. Thimmappa


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