Month: May 2016


Price Hike

The poor on the street bargained Onions, potatoes at Rs 30 a kg, A small cauliflower at Rs 32 Beans and other veggies at 90 The list was endless Tomatoes, carrots, peas Were out of the budget Heavily he trudged along to a store Hoping to buy and cook dal […]


वो वक़्त रहींने – बहार था

क्यों  साथ  चल  पड़ा  मेरे  अश्क़ों  का  क़ाफिला तन्हा  मेरा  सफ़र  तो  बड़ा  ख़ुशगवार  था मंज़िल  का  पता  था  ना  रास्तों  की  थी  ख़बर अपना   वजूद  मानो   कोई   आबशार   था खुलते  ही  आँख  खो  गया  है  ख्वाब   की  तरह वो  वक़्त  जब  ना  ग़म  ना  कोई  ग़मगुसार  था अब  तो  […]


Living in a Land of Ethical Strangers

By Mark Antony Rossi It’s been said technology is contributing to people becoming less connected to the world at large. A small part of that sentiment is true but like Viagra you can’t blame the drug for the poor choices of its partakers. Technology in the context of rushing water […]


How Harmonious Might be Our World

How harmonious might be our world Full of spiritual pastoral songs If we didn’t do wrong or go wrong, How harmonious might be our world! How glamorous might be our day Full of happiness, filled with sunbeams If we didn’t kill our fabulous dreams, How glamorous might be our day! […]



By Rayla Noel from Bangalore, India [slideshow_deploy id=’2412′]   Indian dancer Mohenjo-girl Your lips never lie, not when I see you really see the one you are in rust Like I… Hey We were too born just another Indian, Daddy’s eyes, mama’s – side shy ways ( ah the talks we speak!)But you never […]



eine wirklich schlechte Nachricht bespritzt mit dunklen Flecken all die positiven Bilder meines Tages – die Einladung des verloren geglaubten Freunds, das lächelnde Gesicht, die warme Umarmung meines Lieblingskollegen, sogar das Lob aus einer völlig unerwarteten Quelle – denn wie kann ich mein inneres Auge hinwenden zu diesen leuchtenden Belohnungen […]


The Dream Boat

Come aboard My dream boat Let’s sail through The milky way In the starry night To the land of far away Come aboard My dream boat We’ll go beyond the moon Traversing blue sky And racing ahead To claim our boon Come aboard My dream boat Let’ vanish into the […]