Month: February 2015


बयान – ए – हसरत

तन्हाइयों की धूप में साया है तेरी याद में और तुझे भूल जाऊं किस तरह बता चाहत से मेरी दर्द की खुशबू न आये क्यों ये गुल तो मेरे अश्क़ों से  सिंच सिंच के है पला तू मेरे अंधेरों से क्यों  घबरा  के चल दिया तेरे लिए तो दिल मेरा […]


AAP Ki Sarkaar: From 49 to 67

By the Editor It was a momentous moment for both AAP, public of Delhi and rest of India which witnessed the swearing in ceremony of the man whose grass roots work shook pillars of BJP and Congress. The verdict of 67 out of 70 speaks volume about the public mood […]


Rumble in the Capital

By The Editor Delhi seems to have seen more than its fill of histrionics this year. First, Barack Obama’s visit kept the city buzzing but his visit seemed to be little dented in Indian circles by his comments on the religious tolerance in our country during the prayer breakfast. But what President […]


The Veneer

You think I am strong? I feign to be stronger Than I am The pretence Does not last longer I do get hurt, I bleed By your flighty deed Yet I hold back my tears Try to wave off my fears Desperately Holding on to the last straw From   memories […]


Mood Swings

By Shobha Diwakar It’s strange how mood swings appear and disappear like the overhanging clouds that envelope the sky, create shadows of doubt whether or not it is going to rain and before you say ‘Jack Robinson’ lo, you’ve guessed, the clouds have scattered to some other landscape and the […]


Just a Call Away

My heart is twitching My fingers are itching To grab the receiver Lest, it may deliver The voice divine For which I pine And Pray For he is just A phone call away Something holds me back Forebodings   that   lack Hope and conviction To uphold my fantasy, my fiction I’m […]