Month: October 2022



I am princess Yashodhara, Lumbini empire’s queen Was deserted by my husband When I was young and green                                                     He is not so bad a […]


The Last Mile

Tricks or treats mister? Cries the tiny trickster My two-year-old toddler Is out on Halloween night He is wearing his wizard robes His wand held out to fight.                                             […]


Words Say Who You Are!

Inspirational, powerful, and painful Every time you utter, you express, You express your mind and heart O dear, beware! Don’t hurt the heart, Which is delicate, and breakable!                                             […]


Just an Ordinary Rainy Evening

by Sushma Doshi The evening sky is dark with angry thunderclouds. The rain lashes against the window panes of the car. I sit in the backseat of the car and watch the wipers moving up and down. The driver maneuvers the car through a vegetable market avoiding the puddles and […]


Human Bigotry

The world is troubled with misery;Though nothing unusual in human history.There is a famine of hunger for powerAnd the rising of ego like a tower.                                                    […]


Maa Where do I Put This Grief Down?

Maa, where do I put this grief down? There are times, I stared at broken fragments of mirror, moment by moment as if to make sure I continue to exist./often I find myself standing on the ledge, wondering how ugly can a person get./Grief has found a home in me and […]


Fruits and Flowers of Autumn

As I wandered in the mini garden  The green leaves, a breath of Autumn’s being Yellow, brown, and orange, and wine red Hues, many of which are names unknown.                                           […]


The Unsaid Love

I Never Should Have Said Goodbye, But If You Really Liked Me Why Would You Let Me Go And If You Really Needed Me Why Would You Turn Your Back On Me If I Ever Saw You Someday Would You Smile At Me? Or Maybe You’re With Someone Else, I’ll […]


Ghosts From The Past

As the dark musings Played in symphony The clouded thoughts Lead to an epiphany Of pseudo ecstasy; A deep temptation To do things left undone, With a hundred reasons why; Things I once left To save me, then, From myself That scarred me thence; A scare ran through my body, […]