Month: April 2023


My Perfect Health

I am  now forty years old in perfect health begin and hoping to be till end I harbour for good or bad but I always  permit to speak at every hazard, My rooms are full of perfumes and shelves are crowded with perfumes, I breathe fragrance myself and I  know about the perfume […]


That Teaches to Live

I am on a long walk. The footsteps of yesterday Have taught me to stand today. I am an observer now; The whole world reflects. My being is a word Of a dream carrier, but I no longer drink The wine of lethargy stupor. My humane eyes Have lights that […]


A Ghastly Farce at the Schoolyard on a Wintry Midnight

by Jyotirmoy Sil  2004. It was half past eleven o’clock in the night. Dense winter fog already had descended in Rajbalhat entangling the dim moonlight. The utter silence of the village, smoky fog, chilly breeze, and intermittent barkings of the dogs made the scene surreal. A faint light bulb was […]


Interwoven Cosmos

Amidst the swirling mists of time, Where past and present intertwine, The mysteries of life unfold, In patterns ancient and untold.                                                            […]


Lights. Camera. Action

Lights . Camera . Action….. We all have heard this three words   at the beginning of the film shoot, But these three words are actually      relating to our life. Lights are like our character,       deeds, ideas, and thoughts, which set an example, inspire and […]


Inner and Outer Landscapes that Resonate

Innermost thoughts remain etched in the collective imagination for generations Drink before the hot coffee gets cold while striving for excellence and exhilaration Fertile ground and style with its essence of thinking, learning, and problem-solving High time to shift gears from the first to speed up professional and social life […]


Victory of Good Over Evil

In a world beset by darkness and strife, Where evil held sway and threatened life, There came a glimmer of hope and light, A force that would vanquish the darkest night.                                  The battle raged […]


अभिलाषी चकोर

मैं अभिलाषी मेघों की, तड़ित मेरी उत्कंठा सी,नित संध्या तु उमड़ रही,क्या मेरी प्यास बुझाएगी।बिन नीर मैंने शीत गुजारी,ग्रीष्म की हर रित गुजारी,मेघा अब तु देर न कर,आकर मेरी प्यास बुझा री।आंखे टूक टूक देख रही,तु आती है और जाती है,मैं ललना तु तनिक दया कर,क्यों इतना तड़पाती है।नयन चक्षु […]


Hungry Beggars

To wish is to crave And quench the heart’s desire Which stands unfulfilled Even after fullest satiety The bellies are filled To the brim Yet the unfathomed hunger hovers Unquenched The well of desires clammers And cries to collect much more Of Mammon’s treasure.             […]


To Be Free!

The free flowing river wishes to meet the ocean… Meandering across obstacles.                                           The chains are melting, Hard cast iron though, Mindless fetters giving up, For freedom to take in, […]