Month: May 2022


A Simple Story

by Kunal Roy There is no touch of radiance. There is no touch of wisdom. There is no lap of luxury. It is always the darkness that leads you to them. Through the blind lanes and by-lanes and half-broken steps smeared with filth and grime. The dimly lit vestibules reek […]


A Lover Who Wasn’t Mine

She saw him for the first time hiding behind the bookshelf Those pretty eyes would make her dream. He noticed her hands shaking and tucking her hair behind her ear He held her hand the whole time the first time they met. But then their bodies had to know the […]


Love Will Find a Way..

Love is more than those three magical words, It’s more than those touchy feelings, It’s an invisible connection, That binds you to your soulmate.   Wrapped in the blanket of stars, Drives you crazy over the moon, It calms your soul to serenity, Elucidates a perfect fantasy.   It is […]



Desolated eyes, sparkling wishes Untold musing, bursting heart The sold can hear it. It heard the hidden beat It will share the beats together Sooner or later It will flicker ~ Mansha Ashraf  Srinagar, India


Reliving Indian Cricket

Brooding over the loss in T20 World Cup, Vividly recalled Indian Cricketing Greats, Truly, Indian Cricket was nowhere up to fifties, Were still learning to compete in the sixties, Pataudi became a craze then, A performer par-excellence, Bouncer from Griffith, fiery West Indian, Injured Indian Captain Nari Contractor, A tour […]


The Grass Cutter

by Snigdha Agrawal He comes at dusk, wearing a yellow and black checked shirt with sleeves rolled up, black pants, bare feet with a sickle in his hand.  Sometimes riding a much-used bicycle, other times on foot, to cut the overgrown grass.  Frail of built, but agile, it’s hard to […]


Edges of My Infinity

To Luna   “Over the years, I’ve just diminished And damaged by the owns   Never stood for help Neither waited for affection   It’s not that I’m lonely Or about having a hope   It’s the darkness which took me in And made me call it’s my home   […]


These Nights

When the Sky Is So Wide, The Stars Are So Bright I Have Reached Too High I Was Overwhelmed By, I Felt to Be Alone And Take a Walk All Alone Where Nobody Is Judging Me Through the Nights That Are Blown, Finding Myself to Be More In the Silent […]



Our home is now our asylumGives naught except for terrorUnder no roof of hope and joy,We now just gauge our tears. The Other feels no painNo scream penetrates his bosom,But by orders, he shouldAs a ‘patriot’, reciprocate none but fear. The barrage deafens the harmony of silenceIt breaches the faith […]


Peace Lover

All of us are peace lovers but Peace is a state of mind There are reasons for irritation When we can’t be cool and kind   Sometimes we must raise voice And become a trailblazer Sometimes we shouldn’t bow down And surrender to pressure   Seeing a crime taking place […]