Month: February 2017


One World Nations

I hope for the best. I only trust the Grace. In every being there is the light that saves. Everywhere there is the light that shows the One World Nations free and bold. The Speculators’ new world energy order is deadly for the poor and the forlorn. People unite! Find […]


The Life of Our Life

Scary darkness has obliterated— The brightness of our life- The life of our life- Lies feebly, frail and weak Gazing blankly in the air Hallucinating and terrified to the core While flashing visions parade Before her vacant eyes Pale and alarmed she is for- Nothing can drive away the appalling […]


Assumption: ‘Rape’

Neither penectomy nor chemical castrations are the solutions for its abuse. Oh, dirty minds, don’t misuse that organ of Love and Life for libido. It’s one of the boons, to sustain the life and the fire of the ruling race on this planet, than to use it as a deadly […]


Obeisance to Goddess of Knowledge

By N.V. Subbaraman In continuation of my article on Bharathiyar in the 19th February issue of INDIAN PERIODICAL, we are going to have Part 3 dealing with Bharathiyar’s obeisance to the Goddess of Learning and knowledge –SARASWATHI. Mahakavi Bharathiyar has sung in praise of GODDESS SARASWATHI in many heads… Two of […]



The sky studded with white puffy clouds Boast of overpowering the sky Shyly retreating into the background for awhile The burning rays smolder the earth and the sky As the birds, hastily retreat into the background Hiding behind the cottony spools of cloudy vapors The temporary shelter rests their tired […]


My Garden

At  the  fag  end  of  my  life In  my  twilight  zone I  sat  under  a  tree In  the  garden  all  alone I  looked  back  as  far  as My  mind’s  eyes  could  see The  time  I  had  spent With  abundant   glee But  like  some  thorns  with a rose There  were  a […]


Leadership Requires Trust

By Mark Antony Rossi Leadership requires trust which ultimately means wisely using the action of delegation. You must select the people willing and able to carry out your objectives. And this precisely is where the failure of leadership takes place. The delegation of duties is irrationally disrupted because the leader […]


Humanity Does Not Have An Immigration Status

Dear Reader, We are saddened by recent shooting at Olathe, Kansas. Our prayer goes to deceased victim Mr. Srinivas Kuchibhotla and his family, we also wish speedy recovery of Mr. Alok Madasani and Ian Grillot, the hero who courageously, in face of grave danger, risked his own life to save someone […]