Month: September 2015



अब   चाहता  है  दिल   कोई  नादानी  करें दरिया-ए -ज़िंदगी  में  कुछ  रवानी  करें आँखों में लायें ख्वाब और दिल में हसरतें तारों  से  भरी  रात  फिर  सुहानी  करें मसले  हक़ीक़तों  के  हो जाएँ  दर – गुज़र लिख  कर  तसव्वुरात  को  कहानी करें बचपन  तो  खो  दिया  है, जवानी  संभाल कर […]


एक निवेदन

हे भगवन्त आप ही विश्व के निर्माता विधाता हैं आपकी अनन्त महिमा तो हम इन्सानो की समझ के बाहर है नादानी में हम  न ही केवल प्रश्न उठाते हैं आपकी लीला पर, बल्कि उत्तर माँगने की जुर्रत भी करते हैं  क्षमा करना हमे श्री दयावान, लेकिन कष्ट,  दुःख और शोक […]



We are travelers Oh, yes we are. Travelling from one end of the world To another Now here, now there, Life continues unending This world to another Where does it lead? We remain unaware. The grass growing reminds us There is life You pluck it you throw it It shoots […]


A Shift, A Sneeze, A Spin Around the Cycle

The season is shifting hard to a fine point sharp comes a crispness crackling in the cool air chilled with southern comfort as the high winds sweep away the Summer swelter and cast Autumn upon the scene ready to sneeze nature’s orgasmic frenzy into the wild into the blues into […]



How terribly baneful life has become With people screaming, struggling, slogging for survival, Cursing themselves for being born In this world of infinite encumbrances and anxiety! Afflicted with the same malady She needed some repose away from this constricted life, So right to the top of a hillock she climbed. […]


Delhi’s Dengue Distress, Who is to Blame?

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Delhi’s Dengue distress has hit a raw nerve of our society, the five year old who died subsequently after being denied treatment from number of private hospitals mocks and shakes the very fabric of our society. Is turning away a patient in time of epidemic […]


A Tale of Tails

How many tails have grown over the years? Neither the beginning nor the end appears visible. Jai Hanuman too had a tail, which grew and grew Until he burnt the entire golden Lanka He jumped, and jumped and jumped With a jubilant smile crowning his face Igniting every nook and […]