Month: December 2020


Democracy, Dissent and Media

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal India is perhaps the only country in the world that pioneered the art of peaceful protest. Peaceful protest or Satyagraha, as phrased by Mahatma Gandhi, was a major modulus operandi of our freedom struggle, and yet, in this very country, peaceful protesters are labeled as […]



it is a different kind of existentialism where my hair sticks out and my voice is weird and some people know my name.   when do you know of someone and when do you know them?   books are better judged by their covers than their summaries.   we leave […]


The Rapture of Her Soul

I wanna cry out aloud As silently as possible. But cry for that one hurt Or for the millions that clog my mind?   I’m tired of listening to lullabies, Of dancing monotonous steps, Of smiling at condescending masks, Of being haunted by ties…   Summon my voice I’d from […]


Come Again

Like soothing showers of rain To drench me in like insane,   Come again Like the spring in the winter terrain Like love in life mundane,   Come again Like dew drops on the grassland Like a ray hope in bleak day.   Come again Like rosy winters in sunny […]


New Year

New Year As the waxing of the moon the New Year was once a time to leave the past behind and move forward, yet to what? It did not matter for life lay ahead in that great unknown of youth’s sea of possibilities. But now I have reached an age […]


Should She Give Up?

Burdened by the paternal mindset, to stay indoors and cook, should she give up, on laptops and books?   Beset by bawdy stares, amidst snarls and glares, should she succumb, and gulp the churlish tonic?   Where men are the rule, the air  condescending where hers is the fault, and […]


A River’s Testimony

The river advances implacable, Adorned in its ferocity, Watching bright days melting to numb nights, And the gloomy nights, Shedding its darkness as the sky ignites. It has flown relentless, Narrating fables of proud Kings, When clank of swords Dictated the faith of pride squabbles. The roar of gun replaced […]


Gratitude to My Soldiers

Starting his training period drenches in sweat Trains his body to achieve the target, the trainers set  Even under the toughest training, he is calm, never agitate He knows that he is the country’s hero at the time of threat   Takes a vow to guard the country as a […]



The canvas of this earth has been tinted brown Displaying the tall, lush and verdant trees, Green grass, the blue sky and many Colorful flowers luring birds and bees   White, grey and black clouds racing with the wind, Singing while they shower down pearly rain – drops, Thus creating […]


I Lost my Innocence

It was Sankrant and Kartika puja day and sunset created a beautiful display. Nature was in bloom in autumn season, with candles lit in the temple in the evening. I was recollecting my sweet memories, while sitting cheerfully in the garden. Things like beauty, love, joy and peace, all matter […]