Month: December 2022


The Coming Wave?

by the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal There is a lot of anxiety about the Covid situation in China, what seemed like the end of the pandemic only a few months ago, is now looking like a worst-case scenario. Though there may be a couple of pointers that we may not see […]


I Owe You

To the Sun, I owe youFor the warmth and happiness.Every shine sweeps the entire spaceAnd reign the day as bright as the Sun itself.                                                      […]


what’s new?

I went out to check the mail earlier.                       put the key in the box, turned it, and swung open that tiny door— nothing.                       I guess the world forgot […]


Let There Be Life

Words come out from the depth of ice! In the flow of emotions, speaking silence… To frame is not the claim, to break sure is! The meaning is less, sound and fury is more! More the sound, more the fury, Not understood? What can be done? Lack of life, lack […]


A Street Lamp

A single light on the street, On the edge of the road. The lamp shining in the dark, Strong enough to shine on the empty bench beneath it. Very far I couldn’t see, It was the last thing in my vivid memory. The shadow stood in front of me Solacing […]


Two Crooks

Two bold crooks plot consGo to loot gold from Bono’s shopsShoot two sorry boys downCops look onNobody boos, nobody coosNobody stopsTo frown for two poor boys                                                  […]


The River of Tears

Swam across a river, in my dream, at noon. Savored a sliver, of the River of Tears, mosaic afternoon. The Sun almost sets there, a lone swimmer. The water slightly sticks. The River of Tears, only for one, still, only one at a time truly cries.         […]


Who Are You?

Who are You? A shapeless form in the Galaxy? Do You reside in far distant nebulae Where nebulae crowding their celestial abode in the sky? Are You just a traveller of darkness and light? All those suns, stars and planets, Are You not as real as any one of them? […]


Our Changing Earth

Oh beautiful mother earth You have seven sons South & north America, Europe, Africa, Antarctica Asia and Australia All with beautiful landscapes and oceans Indian, Atlantic, Pacific ocean Highrise mountain ranges The Andies, The Rockies The Urals, The Atlas The Appalachain and Mighty Himmalays You have beautiful flowing rivers Amazon, […]



An arrow of God’s bow! You are Cupid’s shadow!                                                             As if bee builds beehive Honey waited at height No hope […]