Month: November 2022


Mom’s Sewing Room

Large sewing machine, that she said needed to be serviced.  I piece of furniture who’s only purpose was to hold every color of thread imaginable. The large pin cushion I bought her for Christmas years ago. Silver sharp sewing shears and measuring tape rolled up in a circle lay out, […]


Bad Blood

by Cheryl Snell “Kumar hates all business” declares the beautiful Jaya. We are in my kitchen, heads bowed over a bowl of okra, on the second day of my sister-in-law’s first visit. She and her husband have come so far after so long to see me for themselves: the blonde […]


The Selfish Giant

The birth of a koel is always in a crow’s nest. But we always abuse the crow and the koel gets the praise. Similarly at present majority of the people enjoy their lives by exploiting and deceiving others emotional feelings. The whole world is moving towards a selfish goal. The […]


आना और जाना

हर बार मैं जो आता हूं उम्मीदें ही लेकर आता हूं देखो तो उम्मीदों पर ही एकांत घरोंदे में मैं जीता हूं न जाने क्या क्या सपने बुनता हूं अबकी ये कहूंगा, ये करूंगा नहीं माना तो ऐसा भी कर दूंगा ईश्वर कभी तो सद्बुद्धि देगा दोनों को मैंने तो […]


यादों की बारिश….

ख़ामोशी ओढ़ तेरी बातें करना, अच्छा लगता है, चांदनी रात, यादों की बारिश, तारें गिनना अच्छा लगता हैं… सोई रातें, जागी बातें,  गुपचुप गुपचुप बतियाती धड़कने, तेरे इश्क़ में यूं घुलमिल जाना, अच्छा लगता हैं…. तुम्हे लगते फासले कई,  हम लगता सदियों से संग यूं ही, तू हमसाया तो जीवन […]


Bring Back Love

it doesn’t feel like titanic anymore.Please don’t let Romeo and Juliet die.Is this love story burning into ashes?my feet aren’t touching the gown won’t read my poems.                                              […]


The Missing Breaths!

Our first kiss Felt like we were The first couple To experience the true feel Of our lips. Easier to count All the breaths Ever taken In the bedroom We once called ours, Then know How long a broken heart Will take to heal. I miss it It’s still there, […]


The Repetition

The day withered by And the air is still tinged with what happened yesterday;                               We try to disregard, neglect, and forget; Yet, we remember everything:                     […]