The Cosmos Vs Love

Her ears hugged the gossipeyes obsessed to trapbody dances for a glimpse of chapfoot speed up when he sidelong with a gapyears pass by in scrap                                   The same gossip hit her ears againwith more power than thendistance is not so long in betweenyet no guts to chime inyears pass by quieten                                   The Cosmos hated never-ending mumand so triggered them to meet alongside her Papa and mumEnlarged pupils, broadened smiles, fumbled words of quirky introsMeet-up memory in the loop from then onMany more years of silence rolls on                                   He hears the intense gossip talkbelieving she is the one to talkjust to know she wasn’t one to talkdays pass by with no talk                                   The answer is always no when not asked forand so took the gutsy step to proposejust to see her turned downmonths pass by in mum                                   The Cosmos intervenedand his thoughts are alteredAfter all analysis he acceptedand saw her over rejoicedTo etch an eternal story, Two souls united                                   Happiness lasted for a quadThe cosmos intercepted out of jealousyand so drifted them forciblyShe hurts and weeps silentlybut prays in silence stronglyand left him for his growthhe let her go by giving an oathYears of utter silence renewedly                                   He left her quietlyshe let him go admiring faithfullysilence reigns forever                                                            A Lovely couple decoupled by fate cruellyCosmos partied victory, Unaware of Souls never meet accidentallyIt’s the Love that triumphed unequivocallyLove is not to hold till oldsome let go to remain eternally gold

~Greeshma P


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