Month: January 2017


A Journalist’s Song

A journalist asked me: “What to do?” and me I said: “Simply be true! Simply be true! Simply be true!” A bakery-lady asked me the same and me I said, I said again: “Simply be true! Simply be true!” But back again to the journalist. She asked me now: “What […]


Better Late Than Never

By Ananya Guha And now it is the Meghalaya Governor. Close on the heels of an MLA arrested for raping a minor girl, Meghalaya is in the news once again. And the one culpable is none less than the Governor, for making sexual overtones with a lady an aspirant for […]


Our Message on Republic Day

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Things change with time but the spirit of freedom that binds us in harmony of democracy is cherished with same vigor without ever being dampened by time. Today’s India is young, it’s changing fast and the desire to progress and building a stronger nation is […]


Drugs and the Maintenance of a Democracy

By Mark Antony Rossi The campaign to legalize drugs has reached new heights in the United States. A number of states and territories have ratified the sale of marijuana. In certain locales, a limited quantity of antidepressants or painkillers are permitted on a person without fear of incarceration. What was […]


Why I Love Poetry

Friendless  and  all  alone Desolate  and  forlorn Wandered  aimless  as  a  leaf Detached  and  wind  blown On  the  wings  of  poesy  I’d  ride Hovering  over  horizon Like  a  cloud’s  clone Hiding  a  rainbow  inside, Silver  lining  fitfully  shown Singing  with  the  breeze  I’d  glide Down  in  unhappy  zone When  my  […]


Public Information: GTF

By Anant Honkan Few years back, when I was entering the decorated hall for Ganesh Festival event in Shakti Mandir, one young boy approached me and politely invited me to his booth to listen to what he and his young friends had to say. Being in the teaching world for […]


पुकार लो

कहा था मैने तुमसे एक आवाज़ भर दे देना चली आऊँगी मैं तोड़ कर सब बाधायें नदी की धारा के विरुद्ध तैरना पड़े तो तैरूंगी  मैं , पार करूँगी पर्वत जो आड़े आये तो मगर नहीं रुकूँगी मैं तुम्हारी इक पुकार पर चली आऊँगी मैं है  याद तुमको कहा था […]