Month: November 2014


एक ज्वलंत प्रश्न

राम ! जब तुम्हें निर्दोष होते हुए भी बनवास मिला था तब तमाम सुख -ऐश्वर्य को छोड़ कर मै वन गई थी तुम्हारे साथ  !  आज राजा राम ने मुझे पूरी तरह निर्दोष जानते हुए भी पुष्प सा पवित्र मानते हुए भी बनवास दिया  है राजाज्ञा शिरोधार्य  ! परन्तु मै […]


Indian Arrival on World Stage

By The Editor Being powerful is one thing but asserting that power is another. India has only recently rediscovered its assertive status after a long time and long awaited leadership. There are some in political and journalism circles that object to PM Modi’s frequent visit abroad but it’s a positive […]



By Atul Kapoor The perpetrators of ‘blotch busters’ like ‘Pink Chaddi’ and ‘Slut Walk’ campaigns have returned with yet another showcase, this time in the name of ‘Kiss of Love’. The latest campaign is touted to be some kind of an uprising against the enormities of the moral police. This […]


सीता उवाच – 2

लक्ष्मण ! मैने राम को प्रथम-दृष्टि प्रेम से ही तो नही चुना था , शिव का धनुष-भंग करवा कर उनके बल की परीक्षा भी ली थी उनका पूरा परिचय लिया था तत्पश्चात एक सुयोग्य राजकन्या ने एक शूरवीर राजकुमार से यथाविधि परिणय किया था फिर ,भूल कहाँ हो गयी ? […]


A New Idea and The Watchman

To come to light, a newly conceived ideal idea seems to be scared and hesitated, its unabated peeping from the womb to light for watching a through pass, leading to a benevolent home- wherein a hidden reformer waits to welcome and use it in blooming the smiles in the gloomy […]