Month: November 2020



If you ask the mountain to crumble It will not seek what the sea will say; It is destined to stand. If you ask the sea that the mountain will crumble, It will not seek what the mountain will say; It is destined to flow Although, it is below the […]


Chini ki Puri and Other Memories of Yore

By Swati Moheet Agrawal A song, a peculiar sight, a distinctive taste, a certain touch or smell transports us back in time. It stirs something deep within us and takes us back to the carefree days of yore. Such is the incredible power of our senses. The aroma of freshly […]


It Shudders my Heart

It aches my heart to see, How cruel humans can be. Where are they going wrong? Don’t they want happiness to live long?   The newspapers all flooded, News of humanity blooded. Social medias show it too, Of news I can never chew.   Rape and molesting tops the news, […]


A Speaking Fruit Fly

come on lets raise and rise  as its a skunk of expedition to climb up the kick,                    through the greenclad field of miske, the vista of beauty is in blanket of its abyss  or is it with the whiff of wet […]


The Devil in Us

The vicious devil dwells in us as a DESIRE Craving for money and power, flare as wildfire Making one egocentric and ready to conspire Filling life with sins, preventing one from rising higher   The destructive devil dwells in us as an ANGER Abruptly blinds our thinking leading us to […]



Sometimes I prefer life’s journey reversal To compensate so many unachieved desire Body not permitting with age also in denial To patch up  many imperfections leftover,   How do I find lost days in adolescence Running on half pant over football ground Playing inside paddy alley no adherence Days of […]


Agony in Solitude

Alone in solitude, Longing from the past. Days I haven’t surpassed, Confusion and doubts I skewed.   How I devalued myself. From the ill mistakes of the past. I am not strong enough, I told thyself. Voluminous mockeries within I asked.   My agonizing pain in solitude, Have grown like […]


Un-True Love

I grown a seed of love Just for time pleasure How  can  be I save Whilst pain though core Ah! Heartaches fire When love produce desire Heaven is nearer when Beloved’s hand is in hand Dreary hell comes than When broken love blamed Torchered torchered solely night A mid moons […]