Month: April 2019


Parenting is Patience I Have Not

By Mark Antony Rossi Being a parent is not a thankless job, it is a hopeless job. Regardless of your values passed or the time you spent with them, children emerge before your eyes as unique creatures. If any good has rubbed off is perhaps the only hope we can […]


Somedays You Know You are a Poet

Sometimes life amazes you flowers seem brighter you hear special music people dance in the streets sun comes out dogs talk to you people smile at you  and you cant help but think it wasn’t like this before life was showing you something else a trick an illusion and now you know all […]


Assumption : Pandemonium

Once upon a place of blindest silence ‘I’, the omniscient Sun, the omnipresent – And the omnipotent Creator, proclaimed : ” Let there be Light ! “ Light fell upon the eyes of the Universe ! Living and dead, harmless and harmful, Quill and ink, nudity and clothing nature, Flesh […]



You are different You may not be An Adonis But you are a charmer You pull me towards you Like a magnet Though you can never be mine You are like an old wine Toxic and heady Unpredictable, Quick and ready A compulsive liar Yet very convincing Live wire I […]


In Shadow of Sri Lanka

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Before I begin discussion on today’s topic, I’d like to extend my prayers and thoughts to the victims of terror attacks on Easter Sunday gatherings in Sri Lanka. It was a cowardly attack on a community that had not wronged the attackers in anyway; in […]


A Wishful Dream

Have you seen flowers of light ? How beautiful would be the fusion Of soft bloom and some glitter, wish I find a blossom of such illusion I’ll sow it’s bulb in the ground To sprout with the shiny  leaves It’s buds would have a glow, and Dazzling flowers we […]


The Night’s Jewel

Shape changes but your presence is constant The spark you provide is inspiring and vibrant Even the light from a thousand lamps Could not illuminate the large earth As much as you do, everyday Like a toddler you rise and fall each day Only to grow bigger in an orderly […]


Assumption : Sun V/s Good Friday and Easter

I First of all, ‘I’ respect the religious sentiments of each and every human being ! . . Today is Easter, coincidentally, it’s the birthday of my Dad, Clement. M. P, and, my dad’s birthday has nothing to do with resurrection ! II There is a hypothesis that the aliens […]