Month: November 2019


The Eternal Vendetta

November’s morning mist precipitates Leaving the drenched newspapers at the main door. The fuzzy wind grows gloomier Mourning the tulips in the backyard. Arrival of the noon and the sun above Hit the windows, piercing her brown eyes. The horizon shifts at the dusk Dissolving in the evening tea, beside […]



There is a constant tussle. Tussle between my reality and dream. Reality is nothing to complain about. But dream is the perfect place. There is a constant tussle. Tussle between me and myself. I have everything one can ask for. But not just joy,  I seek peace. There is a […]



Why one say in desperate whisper Even couple professing love in voice boldly louder- So long one not encroaches to tamper What’s to say–one may in open declare; If not prejudiced in any bonded manner Let all ideas approach at random my ear(s), After all I agree or not, it’s […]


Can’t Capture Time

Many precious moments From life I have saved Kept in my treasure box For future use encaved Time steadily flowed on, And when I wanted to detox I needed some happiness So dug into my jewelry box To my distress and dismay There was only empty hollow Life’s joyful instances […]


Writing For Meaning in a Perilous Time

By Mark Antony Rossi Writing is communication. For many writers, including myself, it holds a deeper purpose because I was born unhappy with this world. Some create other worlds to send their message and escape this one. While some, like myself, seek to open minds and attempt to change this […]


जानलेवा हवा

कुछ ज़्यादा ही बढ़ती जा रही धुंध कलेजा निचोड़ रही हवा. शरद ऋतु की खुमारी अभी चढ़ी भी नहीं ओस की बूंदों से दूब घास धुली भी नहीं जीवनदायिनी पवन दूषित  हो मलिन, निर्जीव हो गई। आहत है तन-मन  शुद्ध वायु की तलाश  में उनींदी हुई जिंदगी धुँधलाये ख़्वाब सी हवाओं ने सारा दर्द समेट लिया। अफसोस! […]


Air, Water and Education

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal At the least, access to clean air and water if not education can be considered inherent right to any human being but in New Delhi, even these two basic, bare minimum necessities for human survival have become a privilege. Year after year the city is […]