Month: October 2019


Love Me…

LIKE ….. Sun that continue to shine and Give life to every mornings. Moon and the stars that never failed to ascend and Bring light to every evenings Body of waters that are boundless and no limitations. Waves continue to kiss the seashores and Give hopes to never-ending challenges of […]



“If I were a Butterfly” If I were a plain girl I’d yearn to become a beauty Wishing everyone to look at me, And exclaim ‘Hi sweetie, cutie’ Were I an ugly duckling I’d want to be transformed as a swan Dancing in dry sandy lake Dazzling, smiling like the […]


An Illustrious Son of India

By Hema Ravi An adventurous job in the service of the nation followed by a stint in the industry, still energetic and actively contributing to an NGO – how many can boast of such magnificent feats, yet remain modest?  What could be more befitting to a serviceman who has completed fifty […]


Digital Demons and the New Big Brother

By Mark Antony Rossi The terrifying novel, “1984”, was brought into the world seven years before Israeli intelligence agents smuggled out Nikita Khrushchev’s secret speech to a special Communist party congress in Moscow during the month of February 1956. The address gave evidence to nasty rumors circulating about Stalin’s regime […]



कार्तिक मास लेकर आया, ज्योति-पर्व, दीपावली की पावन रात। जल रहे दीप हर देहरी पर कतारबद्ध, करें हम अभिनंदन मां लक्ष्मी का करबद्ध। रंगोली से अलंकृत द्वार,  प्रकाशमय हो मन का अंतरद्वार। द्वंद, युद्ध, और संग्राम से परे, सघन जंगल नफरत, के कटे। ध्वस्त हो भेदभाव, और ऊँच-नीच के खंडहर, मानवता हो  विजयी, आतंकवादी मन […]


Nature As A Gift (Morning in room)

The sun rays peeking through the curtains Spread their shine and encompass the sky The dewdrops on the lotus leaves Radiate their sparkle in the sunlight The temple bells reinforce peace and faith The grazing cattle train us to be calm The birds fly with dew drops clinging to their […]


Why is Her Education Important?

“Before giving your daughter a husband, Give her education; An education that gives her independence; An independence that governs the kingdoms; A kingdom that rules the generations; A generation that breeds leaders; A leader who uplifts weeping hearts; A heart that carves its glory; The glory that sentences the dooms […]


Mourning my Own Death

By Shefali Seetharam She hurried to her table, dragged her chair, pulled out her pen, and then she scribbled something on her favourite diary. As she scribbled, tears rolled down, flooding through the pages of the diary, erasing her words and leaving behind only the stains of ink. “Sniya, Are […]