Month: June 2020


Social Media and Teenagers: A Set of Q&As

by Anantinee ‘JHUMPA’ Mishra Our world has turned into a world of Social Media. Facebook Friends and Instagram Followers seem to have a greater importance in life than the actual, old and new, collage and school, close and distant, face-to-face friends. The notifications from Whatsapp, TikTok and Tumblr seize our […]



It is not always love, But the fear of being alone, That holds a relationship. Is it a bond or bondage? What fascinates you more? Ask yourself, in a relationship. Learn to include the one You Love, in your life; Without bondage or imposing strife. If you try to fit […]



Through the years the sun has stopped shining the moon has turned lifeless the breeze has failed to refresh the soul and the osmophores of the flowers have ceased to attract pollinators. Through the years this life has seen twilight, ambiguities, and uncertainties The windows to the soul can no […]


Ganesh is an Icon

Sri Ganesh is an icon, means a Holy figure, and treated as an aid to prayer. His head symbolizes of the soul, while his body signifies Maya  which is our earthly existence. The elephant head denotes wisdom and His trunk represents ‘Om’ – the sound symbols of God’s universe. In his upper […]


Memories of Passed Summers

Once thy summers used to be, soo captivating. Vacations were majestically reciting. Gatherings with heartthrobs, were so invigorating. Icecubes,flavoured icecreams, squashes,were the only thing demanding. Ohh!! chronicles of passed, summers were soo soothing. Ohh!! Gone where the days… Thy used to be, for festive occasions, hectic prepping and plotting . […]



Didn’t your conscience prick you, Before committing this deplorable deed, The excruciating pain I was going through , Your lust being the reason of my heavy bleed. Don’t you have a mother? Or was I not your sister? Didn’t their face flash before your eyes? What if this was done […]


The Mother

Blessed me with unpaid deeds   You as soul for body needs Visited the paradise dreaming in lap Heaven is built under her feet’s map       Noticed her often during my affliction       Consistent invoking and pernoctation           To help the hard-up, […]


An Oppressed Speaks

You stole The wood from my hearth I couldn’t Cook For my lunch and the dinner. You broke me By the legs and the back I couldn’t stand Over the broken bones of my own. You blurred the picture In the vision of my eyes I couldn’t see The beauty […]