Memories of Passed Summers

Once thy summers used to be,
soo captivating.
Vacations were majestically reciting.
Gatherings with heartthrobs,
were so invigorating.
Icecubes,flavoured icecreams,
squashes,were the only thing demanding.
Ohh!! chronicles of passed, summers were soo soothing.
Ohh!! Gone where the days…
Thy used to be,
for festive occasions,
hectic prepping and plotting .
Scrumptious cookings for, momentous events arriving.
Visiting fairs to enjoy moon evenings,
Oh I missed those days….
When torrent of rainy drops,
in mid summers were like seasoning.
Shopping, waffling, notionfull eatings,
were the prestine frame of life,
we all were dwelling.
Loosing you oh Maa!
was our maleficent fate,
That makes us passed
summer to hate.
Loosing you Maa
made me realised.
Blue summers sky with
candy clouds are now,
no more mesmerized..
Neither the zephyr popped
with sound of chiming bees,
looks amplified…
Nor the feathered medley
echoed through the trees,
sounds melodic…
Memories of passed summers,
embraced us with…
grieved emotions and teary eyes,
bereaved feelings are just left behind.
Woefully zotting staggering souvenir,
Left of past summer inline.

Summers Miss You!!!

Miss u Maa

                                                                                 ~ Stuti Saxena Singh


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