It is not always love,

But the fear of being alone,

That holds a relationship.

Is it a bond or bondage?

What fascinates you more?

Ask yourself, in a relationship.

Learn to include the one

You Love, in your life;

Without bondage or imposing strife.

If you try to fit your emotions,

To a body that not yours,

Is it a relationship?

When you break one to create one,

Then what emotions are we made of?

Can we call it a relationship?

Surrender yourself in the hands of time,

And the Rose to bloom,

Let the future determine its hue,

in a relationship.

Form a bond not based on fantasy,

But be rooted in time and reality.

Is it really our enemies that kill,

Or it’s a relationship?

Using the dagger of silence,

Rips us apart from within.

The bond that makes us complete,

Settles the way of life.

If there is a need, you’ll have none,

But with love, you’ll have it all.

Let the bond flourish,

By setting it free.

Never try to cage the heart

That once set you free

In a relationship.

                                                              ~ Debashish Sarkar

                                                              Kolkata, India

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