The Mother

Blessed me with unpaid deeds

  You as soul for body needs

Visited the paradise dreaming in lap

Heaven is built under her feet’s map

      Noticed her often during my affliction

      Consistent invoking and pernoctation

          To help the hard-up, she believes

            The credit who never receives

Beats and scolds so many time

But Serves the meal every time

The rock of patience in toughness

Gratitude galore to lord Highness

                  Always protects with her dua

                   To whom, I address as Maà.

                                                               ~ Fahad Khalique 

                                                                    New Delhi , India


  1. Mannn…this is hilarious. I’ll give you a very friendly advice- work on your English grammar and do a language course or something. Then read a hell lot of books. Only after you do this, you may think of writing something. I have no idea how this thing got published. Stop writing, start working on your language.

  2. Thanks for your encouraging gestures #Kherad khalique.