Month: June 2020


To a Black Kitten

You want to play, black kitten, in the shadows of the curb, turn somersaults, arch your back, the tricks that aren’t tricks to a kitten?– you recognized my mood… no, I have friends but tonight I feel unfriended– your silence made me forget the song in my mind, no, I […]


The Poop

By Amber Marfatia from Pune, India                               Find & Follow more cartoons from Amber at



Life of millions of multitudes, old, young, children, infants and even unborn life, are shattered and tattered in the war. Millions lost life to guns and grenades, canons and tanks, missiles and fighter jets; countless precious life turned into plumes of smoke and fountain of dust, nobody dared and cared […]


Gone Too Soon

A song yet to be sung, A life yet to be led But you walked away, So much still, undone, unsaid.   Some knew you, some claimed to, Some said they saw the light Of life all around you Yet you left, into the night.   Then tears were shed, […]

Week's Person

Person of the Week: Erik Fuhrer

Dear Readers, In this interview series we ask questions to people who are making a difference in our society, it can be big, it can be small, it doesn’t matter, what matters is their contribution. It can be anyone from any walk of life and from any country. Please, do […]



And Yes The Understanding Between New Indian Monsoon — Queen — And ‘I’ Neither kisses nor dies. Yeah in my sleeps — And reflections, my dreams — Yeah, open my heart ! It is vacant, dry and dark as emptiness !                   […]


To The Eastside- A Dialogue Poetry

True! Which rope would be better? I need a velvet curtain Could someone tie me up?             We’re heading to our new home I miss my home. Wait! Did I have one?             Its two blocks down across the street side. The eastside Who should I call? Would they listen  […]


My Flowering Garden

I used to decorate my garden with golden bamboo, bushy poinsettias, palms, ferns and Tulsi plants. When I look at my garden, I feel an internal happiness. Whenever any celebrities came over, they used to appreciate my decorated flowering garden. The grass reassures us that it is safe to journey […]



Each one with a stone in our hand seek the other out in darkness. We fumble not. No. Each one with a stone in our hand seek the other out. Only to kill. For we know not anymore, how to co-exist. And though our fates are common and bound, we’ve […]