An Oppressed Speaks

You stole
The wood from my hearth
I couldn’t Cook
For my lunch and the dinner.
You broke me
By the legs and the back
I couldn’t stand
Over the broken bones of my own.
You blurred the picture
In the vision of my eyes
I couldn’t see
The beauty of my beloved too.
You choked
My throat to shun my voice
I couldn’t cry
To let the world know of my plight,
Don’t ask me why?
You veiled
My emotions in the shroud
I couldn’t shoulder
The coffin heavy of my burdended soul.
You tried
To bury my courage under the might
I couldn’t see losing such
Confidence of my resistance.
You managed
To bow my head into your feet
I couldn’t make
Your wishes come true.

The story
Remained mysterious still
Shaded colourful
But in a dark fate.

                                              ~ Imtiyaz Pandow

                                                   Budgam, J&K, India


  1. A beautiful poem by u brother Imtiyaz.

    May Allah bless you

  2. The beauty of free verse poem embedded fully inside verses and their depth.