Month: September 2017


Power Cuts

We profess to live in the 21st century Sometimes I wonder if it is true The daily two to three hours power cuts Compel me to say it is untrue  Sometimes all through the day Sometimes evenings Sometimes until midnight  You sweat and wake up to stroll outside To freshen […]


My Span Of Life

Dawn  of  my  life Had  a  limited  space For  me To  run  around I  am  sure, It  was  for  my  protection Noon, I  was  imprisoned In  the  name  of  safety And  of  customs – A  false  projection Most  of  the  life  was A  state  of  war, Constant  struggle, Fights  and  […]



13 Mayıs 2014’te, madenci kasabası Soma’da, 301 kadın dul kaldı…   1/ Kokular ve korkular arasında sabırla yürüdü ölüm taşlarına basmadan akşamın Eli boş döndü eve keder söndü gözünde fer ağzı şer koktu kasabanın Kapandı kapılar, dağıldı mahşer evler dört duvar kadınlar ve çocuklar İnsan, kuyruğunu yutan yılan kör keser, […]


The Wayside Nazara

The wind resting on the swinging branches Heaved a deep sigh I heard a groan amidst the drowning noise of the speeding cars Did it come from the nearby half mutilated trees? I wondered as I walked down the road lost in meditation On my early morning walk The stench […]


In The Light Is The Answer

In the light is the answer that’s for all. Light is where love is, that’s what I know. I’m a-lovin’ you so much, I’m so totally in touch. In the light is the answer, from there is all good luck. The world now is changing into a banka world. Politics […]


Extract from Syriacide

By Michael Mulvihill I watched how the shrapnel from the shelling tore into the streets like they were made of paper. I wondered how in turn they would cut into a human body? I walked with a bag of clothes and a wallet full of money that I saved. I walked […]