Month: September 2017


Heaven is My Horse Fly

A common horse fly peripatetic traveler vacationing in my world into my bathroom, (ride me cowboy, fly) it’s summer time- lands on my toilet seat pit stops at Nikki’s Bar & Grill, kitty litter box, refuels. Thirteen round trips buzzing my skin and skull- he calls them “short runs.” Steady […]


The Luxury of Water

By Mark Antony Rossi Some say water is a human right. Some say it’s commodity like gold or silver. But whatever the final definition—water is a universal necessity on Earth. In a modern society we take water for granted. I certainly took it for granted until my home was hit […]


Valley of Flowers

There are thunder clouds overlooking Verdant valley of flowers Wish you could see the storm in my core And feel invisible showers My loneliness reflects The solitude of nature My escapades with sorrow Are seen in climate’s adventures Despite impending tempest, Nature smiles in blooms, I, too, manage to hide […]


Our Sadhus and Sants

India is a land of various beliefs and superstitions It is not that these beliefs exist only in this country The world is crowded with believers who blindly follow These masked men who hypnotize and seal the fate of man They fool and drain their senses of all logical thoughts […]


On Mahakavi Bharathiyar’s Memorial Day

By N. V. Subbaraman, Chennai It was on 11th September 1921 that Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyar reached his heavenly abode. In his memory, here is my poem original in Tamil, its transliteration and translation in English. Someone asked me why Mahakavi was not awarded BHARATHA RATHNA posthumous and my reply was there […]


Let’s Make Our Schools Safe

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal For us in India it’s a sort of status symbol for parents to send their kids to elite schools with names that conveys the hefty fee they can afford to pay. But the death of seven years old Pradumn at Ryan International School has brought […]


Changing World

Changing world and climate change. New consciousness and new energies. New outlook and new ways to be. Changing world and climate change. Oceans are risin’ and land is fading. The index is fallin’, money ain’t worth a dime. The rich are gettin’ richer and more children die. Changing world and […]


Command to the Mind

By N. V. Subbaraman ,Chennai Here is a beautiful poem by Mahakavi Subhramaniya Bharathiyar, one of the greatest national, patriotic poets from Tamilnadu , who lived in the early part of twentieth century. This poem deals with the importance of obeying  the command of the Almighty-the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent-one has to submit […]