The Wayside Nazara

The wind resting on the swinging branches

Heaved a deep sigh

I heard a groan amidst the drowning noise of the speeding cars

Did it come from the nearby half mutilated trees?

I wondered as I walked down the road lost in meditation

On my early morning walk

The stench around suddenly roused me

I stopped awhile waking up from my dreamy rumination

Dog lovers with their doting pets had ‘gratified’ the footpath

Cows lowing and mowing had doused the street with their pancake dung

The mucky smell had soiled the silent fragrant morn

The bright merry aromatic breeze had recoiled

Taking refuge on the heavily laden branches

The streets littered with flying objects

Ruthlessly thrown by the people

On un -swept roads covered with dirt and dust

Had distempered the pathways

Somewhere potholed roads filled with puddles

Contaminated the aroma of peaceful cogitation

People searching for a road to walk upon

Looked up vacantly at the footpaths occupied by vendors


Even those who possessed glamorous car showrooms

 Had parked their cars and two wheelers

On the pathway… encroaching it

No law can prevent them from doing so

“Capital’ rules everywhere

No one can walk safely on the roads

Fearing a speeding vehicle

Slums at every nook and corner

Presenting a hideous morning sight

Distracts your rummaging fancy

When shall we become

Dedicated and respectable citizens of ‘free’ India

                                                                                 ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                                  Jabalpur, India

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