My Span Of Life

Dawn  of  my  life

Had  a  limited  space

For  me

To  run  around

I  am  sure,

It  was  for  my  protection


I  was  imprisoned

In  the  name  of  safety

And  of  customs –

A  false  projection

Most  of  the  life  was

A  state  of  war,

Constant  struggle,

Fights  and  spars

A  balancing  act  of

Varied  emotions

Twilight – zone  has

Brought  me  peace

Happiness, serenity

And  so  much  ease

Looming  darkness  of

The  End

Has  freed  me  from

The  shadow  of  injunctions

I  have  time

All  for  me

I  can  sit  for  hours

Under  a  tree

My  life,

My  choice

My  melody

My  voice

And  liberation

From  inhibitions

I  have  got

New  wings  to  fly

Beyond  the  earth

To  scale  the  sky

Like  the  Phoenix

Out  of  ashes

I  am  reborn-

Rid  of  clashes

Of  ego,

Of  bondage

Of  rituals  and

Of  preconceived


Floating  free  now

At  this  age

It’s  my  final


                                   ~Sudha  Dixit

                                Bangalore, India


One Comment

  1. Who else wants a life with full of fetters all around?
    But life is a combination of positives on the one hand, and negatives on the other hand!
    A right mix of the both adds flavour to life!
    Hurdles in the course of our life must prepare one to face them effectively, rather than dampening the spirits!