Month: September 2017


Lessons We Should Learn From the Dera Phenomenon

By Prabhakar Kulkarni One, All are susceptible to religious faith or spiritual attraction. While the affluent are susceptible to faith and religion mostly for their other inadequacies than wealth, the poor and the deprived class is more so because of their long standing grievances and suffering. The moment they find any […]



I had  a  dream – a nightmare That  the sky was falling  on us While  we  were  not  aware Of  what we were going to share Then  happened  a  miracle Trees  raised  their  arms Held  the  heaven  in  place And, saved the earth from harm The  reverie  is  symbolic Of  […]


Gone Can’t be Retrived

By N. V. Subbaraman from Chennai Here is a  beautiful poem by Mahakavi Subhramaniya Bharathiyar, one of the greatest national, patriotic poets from Tamilnadu , who lived in the early part of twentieth century. This poem deals with the importance of realizing that a thing or event which has gone by […]