Power Cuts

We profess to live in the 21st century

Sometimes I wonder if it is true

The daily two to three hours power cuts

Compel me to say it is untrue

 Sometimes all through the day

Sometimes evenings

Sometimes until midnight

 You sweat and wake up to stroll outside

To freshen up

But the dry dull breeze, if it is there

Burns your sleep further –

Somewhere there is a sick one in the house

 Somewhere someone needs the oxygen to survive

Somewhere a child cries in misery

 Someone needs to cool his body temperature


The power dies at crucial moments of life

 The whole year there is power cut for maintenance, repairs

Does the company retain unskilled technicians?

Why is there no check?

 Does this happen all over the world

In all countries round the year

Perhaps not

Yes, but it does happen during natural disasters

Like an attack by the hurricane, earthquake,

Or… floods…

 Here it is different

Any hour of the day, noon or night

Is good enough for it

Surprisingly … the bill never decreases

Do we live in the 21st century?

                                                                       ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                       Jabalpur, India


  1. I share the apathy with you!
    Real growth seems a distant dream, for we are denied of the basic amenities!
    Education in the hands of private enterprises makes the government sector unattractive to the extent that even those who cannot afford payment of fees, clamour for the private institutions for education of their children!
    There’s no seriousness on the part of the authorities to develop the right infrastructure that cannot to ensure uninterrupted supply to the consumers whose wants are many and varied!
    This may be one of the many discomforts people suffer at the altar of the ruling dispensation!
    This is definitely not an utopian expectation, but a legitimate one to be provided in the natural course!

  2. the right infrastructure that can ensure….