Our Sadhus and Sants

India is a land of various beliefs and superstitions

It is not that these beliefs exist only in this country

The world is crowded with believers who blindly follow

These masked men who hypnotize and seal the fate of man

They fool and drain their senses of all logical thoughts

That can reason and question ‘their’ fraudulent assumptions

These swindlers craftily engage these unsuspecting creepers

To coil around them and fall a prey to their carnivorous appetite

No one has any control over the extravagant flouting of wealth

They exhibit

They own acres and acres and acres of land

To build their obnoxious ‘shrines’ of worship

Where innocent girls and women are lured and tempted

To pray to their dancing tunes to attain salvation

These ‘hungry moles’ draped in lion’s skin

Lewd and scurrilous, scramble underground like snipers

To sniff and snap, sniffling for protection

From their ‘rich muscled followers’

Who bow down and touch their feet for blessings

To rule and subdue the common man

So, such dirty ‘sadhus’ and ‘sants’

Are spared the wrath of other god men and muscled men

Until they are exposed

                                                                   ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                     Jabalpur, India

One Comment

  1. Our tradition is now in the destructive mode!

    The believers in superstitions and in the assumed powers of the so-called sadus,are taken for a ride!

    True belief in God is presumed to be a weakness that is sought to be taken advantage of by these unscrupulous saints!

    A sadhu must live a simple life, setting an example to others to follow suit!
    But it’s not the case with the present-day godmen who amass wealth and indulge in all the modern comforts, not excluding their lust towards their sincere followers!

    It’s for the believing people to see reason and sense before prostrating in front of the bogus representatives of the God!